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Friday, September 18, 2009

WTF is Obama thinking?

No, seriously. What The FUCK are you THINKING, Barack Hussein Obama??!!!

You know, up till now I haven't really done anything overtly political on my blog. Why should I? It's my blog, and politics in Malaysia blows. Politics elsewhere also blows, but I do read stuff and now I'm beginning to catch up again. But this, I had to get on.

This latest idiocy - no, just plain tantrum throwing - by the so-called President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama (yeah, I'm calling you out, buster! Internet Tough Guy or whatever) boggles the mind and I really have to ask, what the fuck is he thinking?

Okay, maybe the missile shield business was symbolic. But it sure as hell was an important symbol to the Poles, and to the Czechs. And you just went and PISSED ALL OVER IT, you stupid fuck! And for what? Simply because GWB did it, and so you gotta trample all over everything he came up with? You moronic inbred lapdog, you aren't fit to tie the shoelaces on Bush's feet, and he was no saint. You didn't even get any kind of deal from Russia, and you have just made the world a more dangerous place.

But oh no, that's not all this miserable mongoose did. He went ahead and tried to pass this massive crapfest known as healthcare reform. Yeah, and you got pwned by about a million Americans protesting across the country and in DC on this very issue, while you were elsewhere, you fucking coward!

He pissed on Honduras, which did everything in accordance with its laws and statutes in removing a renegade President trying to set himself up as dictator-for-life. Why, were you jealous that you can't pull the same kind of shit in the USA? You prick-lover, you're chummying up to bastards such as Iran and Venezuela's dictators and fucking over allies like Honduras and the UK.

Words cannot begin to express how disgusted I am with this, this, this... this CREATURE. Impeach the motherfucker and be done with it. I would say hang him for treason, but you'd have to trial him first, and won't that be a waste of resources all round. Just get rid of him and stuff him back in Chicago where he can't really harm anyone - after all, ACORN just got defunded.

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