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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hot Air finally strikes back

Okay, so onto the story of LGF vs the Right-Wing Blogosphere. This will probably get my account banned for sure, but let's see.

So LGF has been embroiled in a holy war with the rest of the Right-Wing Blogosphere, starting with Gates of Vienna, then Atlas Shrugged, Jihad Watch, The Other McCain, Pajamas Media, and the list goes on and on and on. The banhammer has been falling mightily and swiftly over the past year and some, and now LGF is almost indistinguishable from a lefty blog.

Hot Air has been linking to LGF as part of the GWOT, but after LGF commenter Killgore Trout spammed the comments section with racist terms (I understand he's been very fond of the word nigger, although presumably Allah and Ed have been hard at work cleaning it up; as for me, I'm late to the party so anyone with more details please do let me know).

Well, after that, Hot Air decided to do a bit of housekeeping...
Hot Air strikes back, LGF no longer partner in GWOT

So long, LGF. It was good knowing you. Come back anytime, there's always going to be a soft spot and a hard blogroll for you.

PS Robert Stacy McCain says if I link to him, he'll guarantee a link back. I have no problem being a link whore for a while, so here it is :)

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