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Sunday, September 20, 2009

TVTropes: Its usefulness and awesomeness

Some time earlier, I blogged about the site TVTropes, which is sort of a wiki for, well, anything entertainment-related, so it would seem. Here are some of the things I use TVTropes for:

  • Looking for anime/manga. Generally, TVTropes gives you a good first look at what the storyline is like, and assuming you know what the various tropes are, also what to expect from the manga or anime in question. This is my primary use of TVTropes, sad I know.
  • Looking for video/PC games. This is especially good because you get an all-round look at the games in question - sort of mini-reviews,  plus you get to know in a fairly in-depth way what the game is all about, how you should play it, and so forth.
  • Inspirational stories. These stories are under the Real Life sections of Crowning Moment of Awesome, Crowning Moment of Heartwarming, and Crowning Moment of Funny. And you would expect these sections to be under the Sugar Wiki, of course.
  • Just generally keeping up with current culture. Contrary to popular belief, TVTropes has extensive Real Life coverage, so you can get information on Wimbledon as much as Stargate.
What else can you use TVTropes for? If you actually read this blog, put it in the comments!

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