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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Take me home, country roads

I've returned from another two interviews. Oh boy, do they take the energy right out from you. If you're wondering why the title of a John Denver song, well, the manager for the first interview at AIA happens to like it. He also likes hip-hop and Yanni (or maybe that was his juniors' favourites). Ever had background music during an interview? It's interesting, gotta hand it to them.

Will be attending there again tomorrow. Kumon on Friday. DAVOS on Monday. And who knows is gonna call up later this week.

Nilai is a great place. Went there for an interview. Food is slightly cheaper than in KL, and can you believe a double chicken burger for less than 4 bucks? Only drawback is the Komuter ticket, which is about 4.70 or so one way. But then again Nilai is in Negri Sembilan, so I guess it's justified.

I haven't been hired yet, so it's not as if I'm getting paid to flog their place, but I gotta say that the Nilai International College is something else. The lecturers are approachable, the staff are friendly and they've got free transport from various areas around Nilai to their college. On-campus food and accommodation, WiFi hotspots, clean (clean! though slightly wet) toilets - about the only thing I found a little off was the colour scheme of the exterior walls. But that wasn't their fault.

Well, I'm enthusiastic because my brother, who by and large doesn't make a lot of mistakes about such things, thinks Nilai is a good college. I pray they'll seriously consider my application.


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