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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Some random ramblings

Anime and manga make trannies look good. Guess you can get away with suspension of disbelief when you're the creator of the works in question.

They don't make games like they used to. Nothing beats old-style platformers, side-scrollers and console RPGs - which is why they remake 'em for the newer machines.

Losing weight is hard. 3500 kcals is a pound gained or lost, more or less, but you can eat your way through that in days. Try burning that off in the same amount of time.

President BHOmbastic is a first-class idiot. But he's currently a popular first-class idiot, so we shall have to leave it at that.

Evolutionists and animal wrongs groups should not get along. The one insists that Man is no different from the natural order (although maybe at its pinnacle currently), the other insists Man is a blight on the natural order and should be expunged (or at least severely curtailed).

Animals and even plants use sex as a tool of domination, as a weapon, as a form of play, and as a form of aggression. Being better than them, we humans should know better and use sex as a procreative mechanism alongside a way of showing intimacy. The fact that it can be pleasurable is just a bonus.

Intimacy in friendship can be expressed without sexual meaning and contact. The fact societies seem to be unable of recognising that any more leads to the conclusion that we are in fact degenerating, and not progressing.

By and large, subtitles are a superior solution to dubs, especially if they're soft subs. Plus, you get to learn dribs and drabs of foreign languages while you're at it.

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