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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bing! Microsoft's done it!

I'm a little slow to get on the bandwagon here, but over the weekend I went out and tried Microsoft's 'new' search engine, Bing. And no turning back - I've now set it as my default search engine on all my browsers, Speed Dials and all.

It really is something else, and far better than the previous Live Search. You get previews, better suggested searches, and the interface has been tweaked to give it a faster feel. Overall, worth a look, and mostly worth the switch.

Must say that Microsoft is slowly getting better at this. Windows 7 seems be what people expected and wanted Vista to be (and Vista is not a bad OS if you stick to the standard scenarios), they're much, much better with trials of their various software products (and even free versions in some cases), and their hardware has always been alright in my books.

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