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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Money isn't everything... but!

So, thanks be to God, the Lord Most High, YHWH the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Jesus. In His infinite mercy and grace He has proven me quite employable by giving me two job offers in a single day.

First, Nilai College calls up. Then Marcusevans. Quite an eventful day it was. So I've made up my mind, but I won't publish it today, since I notify them only tomorrow. Even if I'm the only one who ever reads this blog, it's still a matter of courtesy.

I spent all day yesterday (Sat) trying to create a spreadsheet to manage my finances. But doing so with only online resources is an exercise in frustration. Those blasted people at Inland Revenue (i.e. tax collectors, the lowest form of intelligent life during the 1st century AD and I don't think much has changed since then) never update their website and information there is around 3 years old. Considering that taxes here seem to change on an annual basis, this is just not on. Worse, the only material they have which seems to be updated, you've got to pay 15 bucks for. Now, I already want to reduce my tax obligations and you expect me to pay IRD some more money? You must be joking! And they say ignorance is no excuse. Well, it is when you have to pay to know the law!

And what do you get for your 28% (highest personal tax bracket as of 2003) tax? No health cover, no 'dole', no welfare of any sort. Police are on the take (though I'm told that this is becoming a lesser problem, but still!), crime is rampant, public transportation is for the dogs. And if you're disabled good luck to you catching a bus, I can tell you that. One must wonder. And there's no such thing as freedom of information, so nobody knows how much the ministers and ther top honchos get paid to gallivant around the world. Maybe they have to pay their own way (but I don't hold my breath).

Never mind the Taxation people. You cannot avoid death and taxes anyway. But this issue with Socso (Workcover to you Aussie folks). If you start with Socso, you never stop. I wonder if I can get my employers to keep me below the radar until I earn >3k a month. Having to pay Socso until I retire, even when the coverage is so blasted pitiful, is a ridiculous notion. Talk about subsidising bludgers.

Money isn't everything. But seeing blatant abuse of my soon-to-be-paid taxes surely hurts. And for some unknown reason, these guys don't know how to run the Department properly. Have you any idea how long it takes for you to get a refund if you don't chase 'em for it? Try never. But I will render unto Caesar what is Caesar's. After all, I can't take it with me. And neither can they, which is a thought to comfort me through my next 30 years of working life...


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