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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Arrogance, Protection and the Christian

It strikes me as I write this that Malaysia, for all its troubles, problems and disadvantages to non-Malay, non-Muslim segments of its population, is still my birth country. True, Christians are merely travellers through this world, and hold citizenship in a different Kingdom; one that is more to be sought after and esteemed. Still, unless and until I take up citizenship in another country, Malaysia is still where my earthly citizenship resides. And so I will keep Malaysia's welfare in mind.

Now, there is no denying that there are troubles everywhere. Malaysia is not the only country in the world to be afflicted by idiotic policies; politicians worldwide are moronic by popular definition. But they have to juggle more knives in the air, just to keep themselves in power. It is amazing how the smartest people in the world immediately descend to the lowest level of intelligence when they're in a mob being harangued by rhetoric and hot air.

So what does that have to do with my title? Well, it just occured to me that weblogs are, in effect, publicly accessible diaries/journals. I don't say that I want people to read and react to what I say, but it would be nice to know that somone's interested. That's arrogance for you. It is said that most weblogs are narcissistic in nature; it is hoped that this one would not be so.

Arrogance can take many shapes. My particular arrogance is in my language and research capabilities. Everybody likes to think they're right all the time. The arrogance of Muslims, for instance, is taken in the form of their thinking that they can control the entire world. Their veritable duty, even.

Hence, the many troubles in Malaysia. The Chinese are arrogant in thinking that their numbers are small, but their economic importance makes them a political force to be reckoned with. The Indians are arrogant in thinking that they're small enough not to be bothered, but large enough to fight for themselves when needed. Arrogance, arrogance everywhere.

You can see its outworking in legal systems. The Malaysian Constitution guarantees freedom of worship, as well as the Federal Court as the highest court of the land. Look what's happening now, through. (Lina Joy is but a single test case). In the USA, however, the Constitution is elevated to the statues of almost Holy Writ, enshrined even. Both are wrong, and do not take into account that people are imperfect. Although I might well prefer the US approach more, still it is arrogance at work.

Ultimately, it all boils down to this. In Islam, there are NO guarantees. Which is why the Muslim has to be ever hard at work to preserve the 'Islamness' of where he is. Their protection has to be guaranteed by themselves, and no other. Christians, however, are protected by God Himself. Not against earthly torture, pains and anguish, nor against persecution and diaspora. No, our protection is against the powers and principalities, the spiritual forces of darkness. And our protection is against the sin nature of unregenerate man. Our guarantee is that if we love Jesus our God and Saviour to the end and beyond, we will be with Him for all eternity.

And that's all that matters. That's all that should matter. It is my flesh that argues against laws and regulations that shackle and restrict. Should I care that (if I were Muslim) I can not officially change my religion without some massive inertia to overcome? Perhaps, but it is more important to spread the Word and witness. Must I (as a Christian) fight against the godless atheists and evolutionists that pollute natural science with their noisy unfounded prattle? Surely, it is more important to ensure that people know the truth, that they can discern for themselves. All this world will pass away, but the things of eternity are our treasure, stored up in Heaven.

So keep up the good fight, fellow brothers and sisters in Christ! Onward we march, towards Jesus our Master and Friend indeed.

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