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Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Investiture: A New Moronblogger

Right, so I've decided to take on the moronblogger status. And why not, after all? I drink vodka, I can outswear drill instructors in four different languages, plus hobo-hunts sound like fun. And, while not exactly in the basement, still live with my mom and haven't had any sex in ages. Isn't that the exact requirements for the AoS Lifestyle (tm)? :)

In all seriousness, group identity seems to be crucial, whether on the Internet or off it, and people tend to feel more secure when part of something bigger. So, why go nuts alone when there is plenty of craziness around?

Of course, there's plenty of scope for individuality. All my posts are rants, pretty much, so they tend to be wordy. And hey, it's just me sounding off; it's nice to know somebody's reading it, but not really a major issue.

Therefore, for the duration of this rant (and all others that are moronblogger-labelled), the swear filters come off. OFF, I tells ya. My Christian brethren who visit from my real life, apologies. The instant you see the phrase 'A Moronblogger Rant', just skip it. You're not missing anything important, really.

That being said, let's do my first moronblogger rant. Not much in the way of factual content, but hey, I don't pretend to be an intrepid fact-finding journalist (talk about an oxymoron)

Homosexuality, or as I like to call it, gayism. I'm against it.

Approx 1-5% of all people are apparently wired differently in terms of their default sexual orientation. I don't know the real figures; most likely in a place like Berkeley (Gay Fuckfest Central, it seems to me), the rate is closer to 50% and in a place like Iran, where they get executed on discovery, the rate is closer to 0%.

So, what contributes to it? Well, does it really matter? Some people are apparently wired to like humping animals; Ace himself once linked to such a video (how the hell does he find these perverted shitty things? Of all the crap on the Net and he digs up Donkey Fucking Festival somewhere in Central America). Doesn't make it right. Guy on guy is not right, regardless of whether you find it hot or not. Same thing with girl on girl. Even if I find it hot. Hermaphrodite on hermaphrodite? The jury's out on that one. Ask me after I've reviewed more evidence.

Again, here's the thing. Some things are objectively right and objectively wrong. In an absolute sense. One can argue that for a time, incest (for which there seems to be quite a strong universal taboo) was not wrong (cf Cain, Abram etc); but homos screwing each other is always wrong.

Let me talk about love. It's not sex. It's not 'feeling'. It's a commitment to another person's welfare before yours (although, of course, reason does play a part in human love relationships). Jesus says greater love hath no man than he lays his life down for his friends. Soldiers in the field know this; which is why they are called 'band of brothers'. Plenty of stories of GIs throwing themselves on grenades to save their comrades; the ones quicker to think on their feet will try to minimise the impact of the explosion on themselves. And we all know what the armed forces think of gays. Indeed, we all know what a large number of military personnel think of active duty women in uniform.

Guys are notoriously known for being unable to commit long-term to a relationship. It takes religion, ideology, common goals and team objectives, or a strong personal reason (and liking the other guy's hot bod ain't it). Gals, because they're designed to form emotional bonds much easier, can make longer term relationships. But again, it does not necessarily need to involve sex.

I don't agree to physical gay-bashing. It's not what we should be doing. But insulting, denigrating, viewing with extreme contempt, yeah, it's not the best solution either, but rub me up the wrong way and watch me unleash my fury.

That's all.

New stuff

So, I've been away for a good year now, but it's not as if I haven't done anything. I've been running around (mostly lurking) the Moronosphere, the milblogging community, anti-jihad areas, and generally run-of-the-mill conservative/libertarian sites.

But today I decided to have a look at my own blog, and see what I could do with it. Oh, but has Google done a load of upgrading to Blogger! So come around and have a look! I plan to make it a bit more appealing in a while; can't do everything in a day after all.