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Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Mega Threads

Gentlemen, I am proud to own myself a moronblogger. Indeed, it was the esteemed Ace of Spades who was my gateway to political blogs and the world of blogging in general - yes, Instapundit is indeed the Blogfather, but Ace was the one who showed me the way.

Therefore, when the Head Moron himself deigns to write a rant (and follow it up subsequently with another one), it behooves me to read closely and carefully, and to apply his guidance to my own writings.

But dude. 3,300++++++ comments? On one post alone? I only contributed about 1% to that volume. I daren't venture near the second thread, for fear of creating Skynet on Pixy's servers.

Incidentally, I agree with what Ace had to say... eventually, after he explained himself clearer. But hey, these things do happen even to the very best of us.

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Crystal Rene said...

I'm going to be the first of thousands.