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Sunday, August 23, 2009


Not just the title of a John Farnham song, no.

Most people have at least one or two in their lives. They call it puppy love, or crushes - it's more or less just an abandonment of your reason and usually at the start of your adolescent life, when you fall head over heels for someone. It usually doesn't amount to much, really, but it does cause a lot of emotional turmoil when you're in it.

By the time I was seven, I was already sexually aware (girls aren't icky, and never were for me), but really, my first crush was when I was 13, and starting secondary (junior high) school. What can I say, it was a classmate of mine yclept Joy, and she was indeed a joy to behold. The second one was my friend Brandon's younger sister, and oh yeah, she was something else as well. But you know, I guess I think that of all my crushes. The third was May Young (not her real name, but awfully close), in my college days, and if you have ever seen Azumanga Daioh's Sakaki-san, you have a picture of her, more or less. And then there was Kristen and Joanne from Uni. Joanne's married, so that's that, but the rest? You kinda live in hope, you know?

These things never really panned out for me. Primarily because I have the socialisation skills of a thermonuclear device, but also because approaching girls/women in a courtship mode tends to have me go all to pieces. Especially ones that I like a whole lot. And then, there's the unmistakable fact that I've the mind of a dirty old man.

What brings this up? Well, the second girl I've ever had a crush on, my friend Brandon's sister? Just met her quite by accident today. Betcha she still thinks I'm a gibbering, blithering idiot. Which, {sigh} is still what she turns me into, after all these years. My heart still beats about 50% faster, my metabolic rate goes into overdrive, and damn me if my face isn't all red after that encounter. It was pleasant, even if it was only small talk, and for all I know she was all like 'ugh, just hurry up and get out of my life', but lacking evidence of the latter, I choose to live in hope.

Argh. Those people who have parents arrange marriages for them? Lucky buggers. They can skip all this nonsense.

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