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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Are those tests useful for anything?

You may notice that I have a few of these personality test results on my blog. Do they mean anything?

Well... yes and no. I'm not trying to brag that I'm a dorky nerd or a geek... not exactly something mainstream guys are likely to admit to, right? Nevertheless, they do provide you some insight into my personality. Although, not the best method around, but it's close.

Strangely enough, I don't like being pigeonholed by others. I can pigeonhole myself, sure, but no one else had better do so. To make it slightly more difficult, I deliberately go out of my way to do stuff I otherwise won't do.

Hence, while my base personality outline is Male, Heterosexual, Christian, Nerd/Geek, there are elements foreign to the stereotypes (or what I perceive the stereotypes to be, any way - you're welcome to correct me).

For example, take a look at the theme I've got running on this blog. It's PINK, ain't it? Not something you'd expect from a guy, but there you are. And I read (present tense) romance novels (and series, like the Sweet Valley High stuff) and older classics like the Anne of Green Gable series. Also, not exactly something you'd expect from a straight guy, no?

Of course, F&SF genres don't usually mix with Christians - at least, some more fundie type Christians. Strange, because I consider myself as one of those fundies - YEC, plain reading of Bible, infallibility of original authographs as dictated by God's Holy Spirit, etc etc etc. But there you are - I'm a huge (A)D&D fan, not to mention Eddings, Feist, Goodkind, and so on.

And, of course, lasciviousness *is* something you'd associate with nerd-types, but hey! I'm not exactly unsociable...

Now, if you were trying to fit me in a category, like the abovementioned 'tests', then overwhelmingly by base type comes out. But some degree of 'skinning' and customisation has occurred, you know?

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