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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Give us Day by Day (our daily bread)

Or in this case, our daily read.

Chris Muir needs help. Give generously, my children, and blessings be upon thee*.

As for me, I'll scrape some funds up from somewhere and send it over to him. Somehow. And hey, I'm in Malaysia, so you Americans don't have any excuse.

* The two or three of you who read my blog, anyways.

Edit: Well, well, the power of capitalism at work. Within 5 hours, apparently, he's got his target. And then some. So, it's off until Nov 2009. And I haven't even been able to send the moolah yet. But you bet I'm gonna do it tonight. And although Chis probably doesn't want this, the link above is still active, and you can still backdoor in and sneak some money to him. And yes, the download link (for the Sam level, at least) is still active too.

Edit 2: Holy cow! 58MB! Now that's value for money :)

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Send me your email so you may receiveth the goodies!